Join us in recognizing Pain Awareness Month during the month of September. Each year, practitioners all over the U.S. seek to bring awareness to causes of pain and to expand treatment options, as well as find ways to improve the outcome of these treatments. Understanding the underlying cause of pain is vital to determining the correct course of treatment.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, nearly 100 million Americans experience chronic pain of some kind. Combined, this number is greater than those who have diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Chronic pain is described as lasting for more than three months. Chronic pain most commonly includes back and neck discomfort, inflammation, headaches, and arthritis. This type of pain can often cause people to feel restricted in their mobility, and subsequently, can negatively affect their quality of life.

The No. 1 reason for emergency room visits in the U.S. is due to back pain. This is also the No. 1 diagnosis for prescriptions of opioids. These medications are very addicting and are the leading cause of death in those under 50 years of age. In 2020, nearly 92,000 people died from drug overdoses, with about 75% being from prescription or illicit opioids. This is very alarming, and something we do not take lightly.

Our goal at Midtown Medical Integration is to decrease the need for pain medications by utilizing integrative and regenerative medicine therapies. The objective of these treatments is to help improve function, which in turn will decrease overall pain. Our multidisciplinary approach includes pain management options that don’t involve invasive surgeries or the use of narcotics or addictive medications. We walk our patients through a comprehensive healing program, from initial assessment, to treatment, and aftercare.

Through a multifaceted approach to alternative care, at Midtown Medical Integration patients can receive ultrasound-guided injections for joint pain, trigger point injections, platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, regenerative cellular tissue product injections, massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic care, weight loss, and many other remedies to treat chronic pain and stop it in its tracks.

The more we raise awareness around pain and alternatives to treating it, other than with surgery or harmful medications, the more we can shed light on the bright future for pain management through integrative medicine. Integrative medicine combines both traditional and functional care and takes an approach to healing from the inside-out through following personalized treatment plans that are holistic in nature. Integrative medicine can treat anything from joint pain and back pain to carpal tunnel and tendonitis.

Enjoy life without the burden of chronic pain. Help us in recognizing Pain Awareness Month this September by taking the first step towards healing with a FREE no-obligation consultation for new patients. Please call (863) 913-1240 or visit http://mmilakeland.com/ for more information.


About Midtown Medical Integration

At Midtown Medical Integration, our goal is to offer alternatives to addictive narcotics and joint replacement surgery. Our approach includes fully assessing our patients’ needs, determining their causes of pain and discomfort, and then collaborating together with our team of experts to offer holistic solutions that integrate rehabilitative and regenerative medicine.

Midtown Medical Integration is located at 1828 Florida Ave S., Lakeland, FL 33803. For more information, please contact (863) 913-1240, or visit http://mmilakeland.com/.

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